EsteticaExport has interviewed Ivan Luppi, Export Manager GA.MA. an Italian Company with a long experience in the production and international distribution of hair, beauty and technology tools for professional hair salons.

Please tell us something about your company.

“Founded in 1969, in the industrial suburbs of Bologna (Italy) by Mario Gardini, GA.MA Italy Professional has over 50 years of history. Its name comes from the Italian tradition that uses the first two letters of the founder’s name and last name, GA (for Gardini) and MA (for Mario), hence GA.MA.
Since it was founded, the company has been a trusted brand in the hair, beauty and technology sectors, thanks to its supreme craftmanship, heritage and product design and development. Research and innovation are at the core of everything we do: not everyone knows that it was GA.MA to launch the first hair straightener for professional use in the world back in 1969.
From hair straighteners to dryers, curling irons, trimmers and more, all GAMA products are designed and manufactured based on 2 pillars: decades-long profound market knowledge and continuous dialogue with industry experts. Continuous research in the field of hair-care has led to the design of ground-breaking technologies and innovations, like Instant Heat technology (IHT) and the iQ perfetto, designed to facilitate the professional’s work and make it easier for them to concoct the most elaborate hairstyles, while maintaining and promoting hair health.
We never stop studying, monitoring and improving our technology and functionality, in order to ensure the best professional results. We carefully design and build the engines and internal components of our hair dryers, flatirons, clippers and razors to ensure excellent performance and maximum reliability. The end-result is a complete range of different lines and hair technologies created with Italian style and design, using the most high-end materials and advanced technologies.
Today, the brand is present in over 50 countries worldwide, with its main headquarters still in the province of Bologna and four production sites scattered all over the world in Italy, Brazil, China and Argentina. We are currently in the process of building a new state-of-the-art Eco-Green factory in Italy. It will be 100% solar powered, fossil fuel free and will have extra insulation that will help produce producing a surplus of renewable energy to be introduced back into the Italian National Grid to give back to the environment”.

Ivan Luppi, Export Manager GA.MA.
Ivan Luppi, Export Manager GA.MA.

What is your export strategy? Which Countries are the most successful for you and which ones are you developing?

“We have got a long success history in South America (especially Argentina, Brazil and Chile) where we have direct branches in almost all countries, in Europe (especially France, Spain, Germany, Eastern Europe) and Russia where there’s also a direct branch.
In the last 20 months, are quite happy with the amazing reception we are having in the US professional market. We have managed to build a solid distribution network in the professional US market thanks to the help of our associates, some of which have been present in the market for over 30 years. Specifically, through a collaboration with 28 distributors, we are now able to cover and oversee the professional market throughout the entire territory of the United States of America. We are looking forward to enlarging our assortment and to expanding into the US consumer market. As part of our expansion program, we have recently started a collaboration with Ulta, leader in the retail beauty market”.

How has your company faced the troubles brought about by the Pandemic? How are you moving forward now?

“With regards to the impact of the pandemic in the US market, it has had a slight impact on us, concerning production and sales. But thankfully, the decline in sales in physical stores was offset by digital activities”.

What are you hopes and plans for the future?

“GAMA’s goal is certainly to consolidate its presence in the USA and to assert its leadership in the professional sector through a series of important commercial relations. We also hope is also that this revolution brought by iQ will only the first step in a general product and brand evolution, in terms of innovation, technology and performance”.

Do you believe online activities can help your business?

“Thanks to its continuous and widespread diffusion, it is impossible to ignore the importance of Online activities in order to grow as a brand. Thanks to the pandemic, there has been an acceleration in the growth of the online landscape. The web is becoming the main way of informing ourselves, education, purchasing, leisure and entertainment, socializing and home working. It is basically changing the way in which we all live.
To date, about 4.5billion users access the internet in the world and account for 59% of the total population of the planet. Last year as many as 81.5% of internet users sought a product or online service, 90.4% visited an e-store and 76.8% purchased a product online.
According to the most up-to-date estimates, global e-commerce has generated a turnover of 10,780 billion dollars. In the B2B sector, it represents 61%, despite the decrease in transactions due to the numerous closures of activities and businesses. Considering this data, you cannot deny that that online activities not only help your business, but also that neglecting such activities would be highly detrimental to any business, even threatening its future”.

Talking about New Launches

Which products are the most interesting in your catalogue?

“The catalogue’s protagonist is without-a-doubt the iQ perfetto, the lightest and most performing professional hairdryer in the world.
It is ergonomic, powerful and compact as it is designed specifically for intensive salon work, with the aim of preventing the arm and shoulder muscle damage that comes from the prolonged use for the dryer at the salon. It is also ideal for anyone with shoulder issues, arthritis, upper body muscle pain or anyone with a debilitating disease. At half the size of a traditional hairdryer, it weighs only 294 grams or 0.65 oz, almost as much as a smartphone.
It is fitted with a long-lasting intelligent brushless motor with 110.000 RPM, a staggering 7 times faster than traditional hairdryers, it cuts drying time by 30% or more. Its potency is enhanced by the airflow’s special design, conceived to multiply airflow without using extra power.
Faithfull to the brand’s DNA, it is also equipped with technology that promotes hair and scalp health, rejuvenating the hair and leaving it looking super shiny and frizz free. The Oxy-Active Technology, emits Active Oxygen that acts like a potent anti-bacterial, while also drying the hair from the inside out and sealing the hair cuticles, allowing for a longer duration of color treatments. It is also a source of millions of negative ions that keep your hair shiny and frizz-free and help maintain hairstyles for longer. Its innovative micro-filter prevents the passage of even the smallest dirt particles and hair products into the motor, hair and scalp, prolonging the motor’s life cycle and helping further cleanse your scalp and hair.
It is a smart hairdryer with a hi-tech Auto-diagnostics system, that informs the user when the dryer needs cleaning or maintenance; Memory function, that remembers the last used settings; Locking System, that allows you to lock the heat and air speed of the dryer to make sure it remains consistent while working; and it is the only dryer in the market with Auto-clean technology, that makes the motor spin in diverse direction deep cleaning the filter.
In the United States we are also launching GEVO flat iron collection, a professional state-of-the-art straightener collection, fitted with cutting-edge hair-care technologies.

The entire line has the GA.MA patented and award winning Instant Heat Technology, which allows the devices to reach working temperature instantly, while also keeping it constant and uniform across the entire surface of the heating plates during use, protecting the hair from thermal stress caused by the changes in temperature. This is especially relevant for the 100% ceramic straighteners of the line, as ceramic is a material that would otherwise take longer to heat. They also possess two powerful anti-bacterial rejuvenating technologies: Oxy Active Technology, like the iQ Perfetto, and Nano Silver Technology, a proven anti-bacterial treatment, made with nano silver particles applied on the heating plates.

You can choose between Titanium or 100% Ceramic heating plates. Both materials emit far-infrared heat and negative ions, which dry hair from the inside out, sealing the hair cuticles, trapping moisture and neutralizing static, reducing or eliminating frizz and making the hair smoother and more hydrated. Ceramic is especially gentle on the hair, preventing heat damage, making it ideal for fine, colored or damaged hair. The GEVO ceramic heating plates are 100% ceramic, unlike most ceramic straighteners out there that are just ceramic coated. With use, the ceramic coating will wear out and so will he benefits the material provides to the hair. Our 100% ceramic heating plates are treated with a vitrified covering that makes the otherwise delicate material super durable and impermeable to chemical treatments and makes the plates slide easily and effortlessly on the hair. So, the ceramic in the plates will not wear out with use like in the ceramic coated ones and neither will the benefits of the material on the hair.
Finally, the top-of-the-line Ceramic and Titanium flat irons are also fitted with GA.MA’s exclusive Ultra-Heat technology, that allows the heating plate to reach 482°F fast and evenly, the perfect temperature for chemical treatments that require very high temperatures”.