As a result of its use of advanced technologies, Shiseido has created an interactive installation that can transport individuals backwards and forwards through time… albeit metaphorically!

This ingenious installation that simulates the effect of breaking through the time barrier is called Beyond Time and, according to the international press, can be found in the Global Innovation Centre of Yokohama, the Japanese group’s research hub. There are, in effect, two digital mirrors which are equipped with a 3-dimensional Facial Age Simulation Engine, developed by the company R / GA Tokyo. This engine is capable of registering, processing and combining vital data derived from decades of research by Shiseido on the skin and relevant to over 1,300 characteristics captured from various points on an individual’s face. These are compared with a huge database of facial models, in order that a scientifically accurate simulation can be obtained of the face and skin condition both in the past and in the future.

The installation is consistent with the mission of the group’s innovation center, which is to create more engagement with public.  “The role of the Global Innovation Centre is to connect consumers to research and technologies,” comments Naomi Yamamoto, Chief Creative Officer at Shiseido. “We want to do this in an emotional way, as well as to create more exciting data-driven beauty experiences.