On our tour of Professional cosmetics companies, today we’re hosting an important distributor from Singapore: Glamour Salon System.

Dealing with many well-known international brands, Glamour Salon System enjoys a privileged viewpoint of the economic recovery in Asia, as well as of the global markets more generally. Here is some input from Leo Leong, Managing Director of Glamour Salon System, Singapore:

Does your company have any products specifically dedicated to market needs post-CoVid19?

“We have been stressing the importance of hair and scalp hygiene: just as we should be washing our hands every time after we go out, we should also wash our hair daily to get rid of any virus or bacteria. Our hair attracts a lot of bacteria and virus when we go out so it’s important to use a good daily shampoo and conditioner. We recommend Follizin The Cleanser and The Moisturizer as they are SLS, SLES, Parabens and Silicone Free”.

Tell us about your country’s current situation as regards the export market at this point in time in the CoVid19 crisis.

“In Singapore, Salons had to close for 2 weeks and were allowed to open for haircuts only till 1st of June 2020. From 2nd June, salons are allowed to provide all services, but with social distancing restrictions. Of course, most salons could not stay financially viable just doing haircuts, so we helped our customers by making special home care product packages to assist salons in supplementing their income through retailing. Internationally, we haven’t made any exports to overseas markets since February.

How do you see the future development of the crisis for the cosmetic industry?

“The future of the cosmetics industry will need to change and adapt. The core business for salons remains focused on hairdressing services, but many restrictions will be in place such as adhering to social distancing requirements. This would mean making appointments is very important to maximize their limited space availability. We intend to help salons to build up their salon retailing which many salons especially in Asia tend to neglect but will become very important for their future operations. Salons will also need to look at ‘Fast services’ as consumers may not want to spend too long time in the salons and it is also not viable for the salons due to the social distancing requirements”.


Professional Hair Care distributor in Singapore, founded in 1993 by veteran hairstylist – Leo Leong who has a vast experience in the professional hair industry especially in the field of training and education.

Their goal is to provide top quality hair products and share their knowledge with the industry. They hope to bridge the gap between the hairstylists and the consumers’ needs.

Over the years, Glamour Salon System has established a name as the leading Scalp Care and Hair Care Specialist in the professional hairdressing industry.

Partnership Brands: Follizin, Keune Haircosmetics Singapore.

Exclusive Distribution Rights: Be Hair, Revlon Professional, Eksperience, Nutrilux, Nanokeratin System, R System Japan, GAMA Professional.