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A winning Strategy: export as key priority developed through the buy-out of successful brands.

Sodalis Group has acquired the Natural Honey brand from Revlon. The most successful body wash on the Spanish market, the brand was originally launched in Spain in 1979. Since then, Natural Honey has gained the appreciation of consumers thanks to the quality of its products and its use of natural ingredients.

The strategic acquisition allows Sodalis Group to improve their position in the Spanish Personal Care market, at the same time as benefitting the Iberian subsidiary BrandCare. Recognised as an ambitious and dynamic player, Sodalis is focused on the opportunities offered by international markets. In fact, over the last 20 years, the group has completed 20 acquisitions, the last ones being Deborah, Lycia and BioNike.

These brands joined other popular names already owned by Somalis such as: Conter, Sodalco, Icim, ESI, Novamex, BrandCare, Biopoint, Brelil and Conterus to create a rich portfolio with a capacity to perform in the main global markets. Sodalis’ brands are based in different European countries and distribute their branded products in more than 40 countries worldwide through an extensive network of international partnerships.

Their strategy has been focused on creating and developing a portfolio of owned brands, either specialised in retail, or in the professional market. This has often happened through acquisitions of well-known established Italian brands from foreign multinational companies, as well as by establishing sound distribution partnerships. Understanding that the key factor for development is export, over the past few years Sodalis has boosted the globalisation of the Group by acquiring new international brands and establishing its first foreign subsidiaries in France, Portugal and Russia.

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