CEO, Amanda Baldwin, who was appointed in mid-December 2023, has announced the new strategy to relaunch the Olaplex brand onto international markets.

“Our fourth quarter results were in line with our expectations and represent another positive step towards stabilizing our demand trend,” said CEO Amanda Baldwin. “I am confident in the strong foundation of the Olaplex brand and believe that our priorities for the year ahead will position the company to return to consistent sales and profit growth.” She further explained that Olaplex is ready for the challenges and is facing them head-on, making investments to deliver on long-term goals, and taking tough decisions intended to guarantee a future for the brand.

Olaplex intends to dedicate closer attention to professional hairstylists by becoming a more constant presence in their salons and at the trade fairs, while offering more suitable education programmes. According to Baldwin, the reasons for Olaplex’s recent sales challenges are rooted in the very fast growth that the brand has gone through in the last few years – a pace that it was not possible to maintain indefinitely. Part of the responsibility can also be attributed to some negative feedback which appeared on certain social networks, attacking the brand with unfounded accusations, thus causing a decline in retail sales.