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Initiatives intended to help people in need, protect the environment and support unprivileged groups are growing around the world. Many hair and beauty companies are very engaged with these issues and are committed to programmes and projects that constitute real progress in creating new infrastructure. These can help people improve their lives in some struggling areas.

A corporate communication strategy should be inspired and focused on how the business wants to be perceived by its audience of customers, potential customers and colleagues. In recent decades, projects dedicated to sustainability, especially in support of people in difficulty, have been very effective in attracting public attention. Companies in the hair & beauty sector have always been very active in supporting worthy projects that help people all over the world. Initiatives are becoming more numerous and indeed more effective as the public has learned to distinguish between genuine concern and mere marketing tactics.

One brilliant example comes from Sustain Beauty Co which started a project in 2020 when it partnered with the Thirst Project, a youth-based organization that raises money to build wells in under-served communities around the world. The first well built by the beauty industry was completed in El Salvador in 2022 and they are on their way to building a second one this year. How does it work? Very simply. Every stylist and beauty business owner investing in tools from Sustain Beauty Co over the past two years has contributed to a life-changing initiative that will soon bring fresh water to an impoverished African community.

Valorie Tate, founder of Sustain Beauty Co and responsible for bringing ECOHEADS to North America, announced that the SBCo charity project Save Water. Give Water. has raised enough to install and educate a second community in an underserved area. “Despite the very real pressures and stresses we feel in our daily lives, we are so lucky that access to clean water is not one of them. Yet, this is a problem for over 785 million people worldwide and a top reason young women are being denied access to education,” says Tate. “In less than two years, every single salon and stylist we have worked with has been part of this programme and together weve been able to reach our goal, twice.”

Every time an owner purchases an SBCo tool to save water and lessen their impact, they raise enough water to give a person drinking water for a year. Those that are part of a Scrummi sustainable towel subscription or the foil- alternative Paper Not Foil, provide enough to give someone water security for life.

Sustain Beauty Co

In 2022, the beauty community built its first freshwater well for a village in El Salvador where the only water available previously was a 15-minute walk away and infested with parasites. In the previous year, before the well was built, three people had died of kidney failure. Many more, including young children, were ill, but providing clean water has helped the villagers thrive, giving tremendous spin-off benefits like improved education for young women, which is proven to boost local economies.

Later this year, members of the SBCo community will fly out to the Kingdom of eSwatini to help build a well that will pump drinkable water directly into a village currently facing water scarcity pressures.

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