Based in California, SUTRA has recently introduced a new selection of professional hair tools aimed at ‘hair and scalp wellness’. They have developed the concept of Far Infrared Technology and are ready to conquer new markets with their high-performance tools. Estetica Export has spoken to Gretchen Correia, Director of Global Professional Sales.

When did you take your new position?
I started quite recently, in September 2023. Before accepting this position, I wanted to look at the brand to see how I could help. I wanted to see what improvements I could bring to the brand other than my connections.
When people encounter SUTRA for the first time, I don’t want them to think that ‘it’s just another blow dryer or flat iron’”.

Gretchen Correia, Director of Global Professional Sales

I have over 30 years’ professional hair knowledge, a lot of them working in distribution. What made me come on board with SUTRA was that they have a unique approach to the market. This focuses on wellness, not just of the hair, but also of the scalp”.

What is your role in the company?
I am in charge of everything that has to do with professional development. So, my responsibility embraces distribution, promotion, incentives and education”.

How are sales organised?
The company is US-based with its headquarters in California. In the US we have a website where everybody can buy directly, but internationally we use distributors.
We are present in about a dozen overseas countries at the moment”.

What are the products that make SUTRA unique?
The company became very recognized a few years ago with its Blowout brush, but our focus is now on our new Far-Infrared Technology. This is fundamental to bringing our concept of health and wellness to the professional market. The Far-Infrared Technology is important for what it does for the hair – enhancing shine and the performance of hair colour, as well as reducing breakage. At the same time, infrared light on the scalp helps to stimulate hair growth and to reduce swelling and irritation at scalp level. We have a full range of Far-Infrared tools from flat irons to brushes, hairdryers and so on.”

What do you think of the hair & beauty market at the moment?
The market is saturated with tools, therefore we have to be real innovators in the aspects of health & wellness. We have to communicate what health & wellness tools mean, not only to professional salons but also to consumers. Generally speaking, I am seeing a shift in the marketplace, with closer relationships between hair salons and spas. They used to be so far apart because salon professionals are so creative. Nowadays. The client is looking for more self-care as they become more aware and enlightened. They don’t just go to a salon to get their hair done and then leave – it’s more about the experience about a holistic approach both in the salon and at home afterwards. That is what is happening in the Middle East, especially in Dubai and Saudi Arabia”.

How would you explain the advantages of Far-Infrared technology?
What is very cool about using these SUTRA tools is that you can have very shiny hair without using product. This is because the Far-Infrared Technology dries the hair from the inside out, keeping the cuticle closed and retaining the moisture inside. This is the much healthier approach I am talking about”.

Gabriel Samra, Global Ambassador SUTRA

What are your best markets outside the US?
We are doing well in Italy, Puerto Rico and the Netherlands. Latin America is growing fast – it is our biggest foreign market – especially places like Argentina, Chile, the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic and Mexico”.

Where would you like to go next?
We are now focusing on Europe, but to do well there we need to improve our brand recognition through advertising. To put together good distributors and build awareness with potential clients, we have to work on communication”.

Do you attend international trade fairs?
Yes, we do, the major ones. We do almost all the Cosmoprof events and also BeautyIstanbul. Next year, I would like to go to Beautyworld Dubai”.

Are there any new tools launching soon?
“SUTRA has been working with an expert and we have created some really unique, sophisticated tools for the professional hair salon. These tools can be used in salons on a daily basis and they are absolutely revolutionary. Thats all I can say for the moment. They will be introduced to the market next summer, at the Las Vegas edition of Cosmoprof North America”.