While the Hair & Beauty Salon situation in most of Europe remains uncertain and unconfirmed in relation to a return to business operations, Switzerland has confirmed a re-opening date of next Monday – 27th April, followed by Austria on 2nd May and Germany on 4th May. Eddine Belaid from Zurich, gives Estetica his first-hand insight.

In Europe, the hair salon business begins its first tentative steps towards a new normality. Salons in Switzerland are due to re-open next Monday – 27th April, followed by Austria on 2nd May and Germany on 4th May. Eddine Belaid from Zurich, gives Estetica his first-hand insight.

However, this will be far from “business as usual.” While Swiss hairdressers are already looking forward to a new start, protective masks will be required, as well as stringent hygiene controls, at both a personal and ambient level. Hair and barbering professional, Eddine Belaid from Zurich, has given Estetica an insight into what the relaxation of the lockdown means for the hair industry in Switzerland, as well as expressing his praise for the Coiffure Suisse Association and its ongoing support for our industry: “I would like to express a great thank you to the Coiffure Suisse association for their commitment, ensuring that we were one of the first to be able to open our salons again,” he comments.

The association has even gone so far as to compile an overview of protective mask suppliers on its website, these will be mandatory for Swiss hairdressers and customers alike when salons re-open next Monday. Eddine goes on to report that every hairdressing salon and barbershop will be required to implement ad submit a dynamic hygiene report to the Coiffure Swiss Association. This does not pose any issue from for him, as a highly successful hairdresser who owns three barbershops and an Aveda salon in Zurich and who employed 12 staff, he has been working according to the strictest hygiene rules and guidelines for years. “With barbering we work far more professionally and especially with the training courses the hygiene regulations are much stricter anyway,” he explains.

As anticipated by Estetica over the past few weeks, Eddine can confirm that the rush of bookings for hair services is going to be significant as and when salon and barbershops do get back into the swing of things: “When the announcement was made earlier this week that salons would be able to re-open on 27th April, we were suddenly hit with 130 online appointment bookings and a further 150 over the phone!” When asked how he intends to cope with the rush, he explained that he has already had to hire another employee.

To accommodate clients who are maybe extremely vulnerable to COVID-19, Eddine has even created a small sanctuary in a separate room in one of his shops.

“I see this new beginning as a very big opportunity for the market. It is up to each individual hairdresser or barber how we make the most of it,” concludes Eddine. “One thing is for sure – customers have always appreciated the work we do for them, but maybe now they will see our profession from a new perspective, having realised just how difficult life can be without us!”