The current crisis has affected different countries in different way. On our global tour of discovery of how each one is coping, we have arrived in the dynamic and vibrant island-country of Taiwan – a beacon of success in containing and combatting the virus. There we spoke to Mimi Chien, the Global Head of PR and events of MacroHI, whose award-winning therapeutic brands are synonymous with their warm-hearted approach to business.

MacroHI is specialised in scalp treatments and quite rightly very proud of their two brands, Aromase and JuliART, which have recently gained international attention thanks to the awards they have received.
Their approach to business is absolutely unique as they are committed to using their knowledge and hard work not only in the cosmetic field, but also in supporting and participating in many social activities.

Here are some comments about the current situation in Taiwan:

How is the economic situation In Taiwan at this moment of the Pandemic and how are you dealing with export markets ?

“The rise in the number of COVID-19 cases all over the world has not abated, with some countries reporting far greater numbers than others. Taiwan has had one of the lowest infection rates around the globe. The Taiwanese government swiftly put together a four-cornered approach plan to limit the spread of the virus. The steps the country has taken allowed to successfully mitigate the spread of COVID-19. The strategy is as follows:
-Early border control
-Proactive case finding and containment
-Resource allocation
-Reassurance and education of the public
Thanks to the government’s precautionary actions and the extreme cautiousness of the people, we have maintained an almost normal way of life, apart from wearing masks.

We have donated 2,000 bottles of hand sanitizers to VIPs and 1633 bottles of All in One Purifying Gel (Shampoo, body wash, facial cleanser all in one) with hand-written cards to the health care providers such as hospital staff, nursing home staff and vulnerable groups.
We have provided films to be broadcast in over 300 medical buildings to cheer up the medical workers and we have donated thousands of medical masks to our overseas clients.
The Cradle to Cradle certification award is a game-changer for us. During the process of applying for the certification, we changed our mindset on how we cooperate with suppliers, our R&D and our packaging designers. On the formulation side, we optimised the healthy aspects of our product formulations without losing product performance and product stability.”

How do you see the future development of the crisis for the cosmetic industry?

“I believe cosmetics trends will re-emerge gradually after the COVID-19 crisis. However, consumers will pay more attention on basic skincare and hair care. Make-up sales will drop while items like sanitation products grow in popularity.

Do you have any product that can be dedicated specifically to the COVID-19 period?

“Yes. “AROMASE 5α Juniper Scalp Purifying Liquid Shampoo”. During the COVID-19 crisis, people are suffocated by wearing masks all day due to the build-up of sebum secretions, not only on face but also on the scalp. The product is perfect to detox your scalp for healthier hair!

About MacroHI
The company was founded in 1954 as a haircare product manufacturer for the professional market. In 2003, they established MacroHI, to have a Taiwanese brand specialised in Scalp Treatment, since then the company has been steadily growing under the leadership of Mr. Eric Chen. It is a company with a noble mission: “Inspire lives, brighten the world”, and they want to achieve these goals “touching the hearts of the world through their expertise on hair”.

JuliArt CISPER Hair Revitalizing Serum received the NICHE PRODUCT AWARD 2020