Takara Belmont’s Zero Deposit 0% Finance Lease Scheme could provide the financial impetus UK business has been looking for.

By Gary Kelly

Just as the damaging economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have started to subside with salons and barbers reopening, welcoming clients back and returning to near-normality, new and unwelcome economic threats have started to emerge. Hair beauty and grooming businesses continue to recover from what has been a difficult two-years. Rising costs, inflationary pressures and the cost-of-living crisis have all combined to create a perfect storm. This undermines their recovery by imposing fresh challenges to the running of a profitable hair salon or barbershop. Takara Belmont’s Zero Deposit 0% Finance Lease Scheme could provide the financial impetus you’ve been looking for.


In response to all these issues and opportunities, Takara Belmont has taken the lead with the launch of the industry’s first manufacturer backed 0%, zero deposit Finance Lease scheme. This means there’s never been a better time to invest in new equipment. Launched today (18/7/22), the company has backed the scheme with its leasing partner to support the industry. Now, businesses can invest with complete peace of mind and build success into the future with renewed optimism and confidence.

This scheme gives salons and barbershops access to 0% Finance with zero deposit over 2 years,” says Katie Wrighton, Takara Belmont’s National Sales Manager. “It’s so exciting, as it means they can invest to build their business for the future without large capital outlay. As the number one equipment brand, it makes our world-leading products even more accessible and affordable. Plus, it’s tax efficient and will help salons and barbershops manage their cashflow too. Many products cost as little as the price of a haircut per week, so why wait?”

Delivered through a quick and easy application process, hair and beauty businesses can now fast-track an equipment upgrade. This could be to improve their client experience, introduce new services, or redesign their space with Takara Belmont’s free* Salon Design service. “Recently we’ve reduced delivery times on some of our most iconic equipment to just a few weeks. Our salon design team can help businesses reimagine their space. The combination of this with 0% finance makes now the perfect time to invest and grow,” adds Katie Wrighton.


With 0%, zero deposit Finance Lease, there’s never been a better time to invest. This scheme gives your business the scope to maximise your business potential and enhance the service experience for clients. It can also transform the working environment for your team

Better cashflow management
This scheme enables salons and barbershops to purchase equipment in a way that improves cash flow by retaining cash in the business for other important investments such as training, staff recruitment and marketing

At the end of the agreement, your salon or barbershop can own the goods outright for one extra monthly payment, or upgrade again and start a new agreement

Quality and value
As the number one salon furniture and equipment brand, this scheme means you can benefit from the world’s best equipment at a price you can afford

Tax relief
Lease Purchase is the sensible way to invest as you receive tax relief for the full duration of the lease agreement

Make your life easy
A single fixed monthly payment means you can budget and enjoy complete peace of mind. Once you have everything in place, you can focus on providing great service and on your business without worrying about your equipment