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The accurate procedure of Gidon Cosmetics Group allow to create the most advanced hair products with revolutionary ingredients for outstanding result in the salons.

The secret of success in professional hair product sales starts with the meticulous observation and interpretation of the latest improvements in science and research in the cosmetics field. Then it becomes paramount for a manufacturer to be able to integrate them into product formulations, to enable salon clients to improve their hair beauty and wellness every day.

Recent studies have confirmed that using a mask with microcapsules is more effective than any other way of infusing restorative vitamins to the hair. The microcapsule dissolves into the structure of the hair and thus it receives a concentrated vitamin boost containing important active ingredients. These help in the treatment and restoration of the hair helping it to become more healthy and stronger.

Gidon Cosmetics Group is now proposing a new category of hair colour, thanks to the application of a state-of-the-art ingredient created by cutting-edge R&D.

Gidon Cosmetics Group has recently introduced 2 new colour families to its Jul range, completing the newest version of the much-loved and popular haircare range.
Outstanding planning has been put into the rebranding of the range, paying special attention to its appearance, so as to create uniformity on the shelf, while also facilitating easy usage by hairstylists.

Inside the products

The formula includes innovative ingredients like pink microcapsules, produced from vegetable-based oils, argan oil, seaberry (Hippophae rhamnoides), hyaluronic acid and hemp oil. It’s a perfect mix that can support hair health and repair, nourishing and strengthening the hair follicles, providing balance to the scalp, as well as a long-lasting rich sheen.
Jul hair colour ranges feature a rich selection of shades developed and produced in Italy in cooperation with one of the biggest and most admired hair colour manufacturers using unique and updated formulas.

The full range of the Jul Pro Color+ line includes 83 shades Among them are the most popular, such as Ash Naturals, Gold Copper, Extreme Blonds and many more exciting shades.
The Gidon Cosmetics colour range is completed by its new, ammonia-free tone-on-tone colours – Jul Pro-Tone, featuring 52 shades.

All of Jul’s colouring product share important ingredients made with a combination of pure oils:
• Olive oil helps soothe an irritated and itchy scalp.
• Argan oil helps soften the hair and adds lustre.
• Jojoba oil strengthens the hair and contains Vitamins E and B, Helichrysum oil to help scalp protection.

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