Dancoly’s brand Angel Provence is to be exported into the Japanese market.

In recent years, improvements in living standards have led more and more customers to focus on their health and a more natural lifestyle, as new ideas of “Nature and Organics“ have slowly been filtering into people’s minds. Dancoly Angel Provence is a certified beauty concept, whose green credentials embrace the laws of nature by setting new professional standards in natural beauty care.

Provence’s natural beauty is the French home of Dancoly, as well as being a haven for flowers and herbs and the source of Dancoly Angel Provence. No sulphates, no mineral oil, paraffin oil or Vaseline; no Propylene Glycol and no animal testing. All the ingredients are natural and GMP & FDA certified, with just a touch of floral fragrance. On top of that, sustainable choices drive company policies, such as the use of recycled PET bottles and simple packaging. This allows for the reduction of plastic pollution and waste of resources. Then there’s the choice of natural renewable power sources like wind and solar energy to generate electricity. And that’s not all: Dancoly also finds a way to save water during production.

Dancoly Angel Provence keeps searching and analysing customers’ changing hair requirements. This follows thousands of studies and testing on various plants to find out which are the most suitable for different hair problems. This commitment creates genuine and reliable interaction between clients and distributors creating a network that reaches over 70 countries and is growing by the day.

Recently, Dancoly entered the Japanese market, an achievement which is worth celebrating and an important milestone in exports of the company. As we know, Japan is very strict about the quality of cosmetics products, yet Dancoly’s formulas passed all the necessary tests to enter this market, thanks to its pure, natural and plant-based products from Provence, France.