Italian B Corp Companies Summit reaffirmed the commitment to respect for the planet and its inhabitants. N&B offered a sample of its bespoke Regenerative Face Cream to each participant as a reminder of the regenerative economy that the association is pursuing.

Last month, the 230 Italian B Corp companies held an important summit at IBM studios Milan to share and discuss their approach to a regenerative, equitable, interdependent and inclusive way to run all the aspects of production and distribution. Following these principles, the summit set a goal to redefine the economic and social criteria that will guide the B Corp in their daily routine, aiming at the ‘regeneration of our biosystem and society’.

B Corp, an international association that encompass all sorts of industries. It counts within its members a significant number of hair & beauty companies, some of which are totally committed to influencing the industry by triggering broader changes which can ultimately improve its social and environmental footprint.


We have created a bespoke product to celebrate this event”. Says Mariangela Giannuzzi, Communication Manager at N&B, “It is called Regenerative Face Cream and is revolutionary in the organic skincare. Made with organic ingredients from regenerative agriculture and a sustainable production process.

As the B corp companies act balancing the needs of all their stakeholders, including also the community and the Planet, Our product “Regenerative Face Cream” develops an incredible action that respects and brings to life our microbiota: the ecosystem of all the “stakekolders” of our skin. We gave a sample to each participant at the B Corp Summit as a prototype, an example of what we call regenerative economy”.

To join the B Corp association companies are requested to respect very strict criteria. They commit to investing time and effort in improving key issues that affect everyone and everything: ingredient sourcing and sustainability; greener logistics; responsible packaging, as well as consistent and clear external messaging that customers can understand and trust. Every year they have to produce a report that confirms the results of their efforts. A scoring system has been created to evaluate the level of respect for the standards of each B Corp company.

N&B has reached such high score grades that, in 2021 and 2022, they were appointed Best of the World for Environment and Biodiversity thanks to its model of “supply-chain at km0” and the green commitment towards local people and territory. A “Plant to Beauty” sustainable supply chain: healing the local ecosystem and community with its Aloe Vera from Salento.

Created by N&B for the BCorp Summit Italia – a symbol of the Regenerative Economy concept

Belonging to the B Corp means being able to measure the environmental impact of each company objectively and transparently,” adds Domenico Scordari Founder and CEO at N&B Natural is Better. “It confirms our green vision of the production and, at the same time, pushes us to improve the condition of our business in terms of respect for the planet and the people. From local to global and giving back to local, that is the way to build a better business model and future with the support and cooperation of the B corp community”

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