Growth and expansion on global markets continues to be a multi-faceted goal even for established multinational companies playing leading roles in the hair industry worldwide.

A singular important approach is to keep salon professionals engaged through ongoing education on the latest products, and techniques and even business skills, both through brand name academies and events. Estetica asked John Moroney, VP & Creative Director of Kao Salon Division – Global more about this tactic, how it works, and why.

What role do Goldwell /KMS academies play in promoting products with hairdressers and ultimately with end consumers?

To begin with, we have rebranded our worldwide network of academies to be KAO Salon Academies.  As the partner to salons world, KAO Salon Division brings stylists brands, services, and resources that will help them grow their business artisitcally, technically, and financially. We believe that the KAO Salon Network is a family, and as such our academies are really our families’ homes.   Every country uses their local academies as a gathering place and community hub, not just a place to go for classes.

How are the locations decided? Is there a strategic map or plan for expansion in specific countries or regions?

We regard our academies as our brand’s home, so it is important that in all of our countries there is an academy. With regard to expansion, at this point we have achieved a strong global coverage that meets our network’s needs. Since the rise of social media, education in brick and mortar location has taken a hit, so we find that it is not necessary to be in every city in every country. We like ot be in cool metro cities in an up-and-coming, edgy area – such as the Meat Packing District in New York, the new Waterfront in Amsterdam or in Soho in London.

How do academies in different areas differ from others in terms of programs or techniques taught?

The biggest difference is that our academies are the home of our Master Series Programs. The Goldwell Master Colorist, Master Stylist and Master Texture Programs.  It is also where our Top Artists find a creative matrix to inspire our stylists and clients.

What role do itinerant stands and shows play at trade fairs and specific hair events around the world?

We have scaled back our participation in trade fairs and events back to almost nothing – participating only in countries where it is strategically relevant. We would rather invest in activities and education that allows us to truly build a relationship with a stylist

What about global artists. How they are nominated/selected and what role do they play in promoting Goldwell/KAO worldwide?

Our Global Artistic Network is made up of local, national, and international artists. National Arsits are nominated by their respective countries for a number of reasons – their artistic talent, their communication skills, and their technical ability. We have a diverse team of colorists and stylists from many countries – some who join us only for specific campaigns or initiatives (such as our Color Zoom winners) and some who help us craft and communicate our initiatives for our brands.   Above all else, these individuals – at every level – must possess a love of our industry and the stylists in it. They are passionate about their craft and have a desire to share what they know, unreservedly, with stylists around the world.