As the world’s largest company representing professional and retail hair & beauty manufacturers, The Kirschner Group is a dynamic and fast-evolving organisation that embodies the vitality and productivity of our industry.
To get their opinion on the global market, as well as on the upcoming edition of Cosmoprof Bologna, Estetica Export talked with Harlan Kirschner (C.E.O.), Paolo Rezzara (President) and Andrea Rosa (Team Leader Europe).

Harlan Kirschner (CEO)
The Kirschner Group

Harlan, please update us on The Kirschner Group’s plans and strategy in global markets.
Our goal is to represent the most popular and prestigious manufacturers in every category of beauty products. We service retail, professional distributors, chains, online and virtually every channel of beauty distribution. We have the largest team of sales professionals globally in the beauty industry and our job is to help our customers to grow and succeed”.

The global economy is challenging yet seems like our industry is performing quite well. What do you think are the reasons?
We are seeing our replenishment business remaining strong – if someone runs out of shampoo, they need to buy another bottle. If their hairdryer breaks, they need to purchase another one. However, the impulse business has slowed a bit, as consumers are not as open to trying new brands unless they are recommended or driven by social media. Smart beauty manufacturers now understand the need to drive sales through social media, promotions and innovation”.

Paolo Rezzara (President).
The Kirschner Group
Paolo, the Kirschner family keeps growing. What makes you so attractive and what does a company need to do to become part of The Kirschner Group?
We have a diverse portfolio of successful beauty brands specializing in haircare, nailcare, skincare, tools, and cosmetics. Our representatives serve top distributors and retailers, typically spanning their country of residence and neighbouring regions. When it comes to income potential, we believe in unlimited opportunities and support to achieve financial success. This role is ideal for experienced beauty sales professionals who are highly organized, independent, and driven to succeed.

For a brand to partner with us, it is advantageous to have achieved a level of success and establish a robust presence on social media. Our expertise shines when we are tasked with replicating success rather than pioneering a brand from the ground up. Key market trends emphasize the importance of natural, organic, and sustainable products, and we are keen to explore opportunities aligned with these values. We are constantly on the lookout for exciting new ventures”.

Where and how are you planning to expand in the future and which market are of most interest to you?
As we strive to solidify our presence in key markets like Europe, Latin America, and Canada, we are actively pursuing expansion opportunities in Asia, Australia, and the Middle East. To support this growth, we have recently welcomed two new representatives—one based in Sydney and the other in Dubai—both bringing valuable experience and strong networks to these regions.
China is also significant for us, and our local representative is making remarkable progress in establishing multiple distribution channels, including cross-border and local partnerships. The vast population and growing demand for international beauty products present immense opportunities for our brands in this market”.

Andrea Rosa (Team Leader Europe).The Kirschner Group
Andrea, what are the most significant new trends in our industry?

GREEN! With no doubt is the word of the year: green products which are vegan and with the highest percentage of natural ingredients possible without compromising performance, and with a minimal impact on pricing with sustainable and recyclable packaging. The request is not whatever it takes” (so the market still asks for performance and affordable pricing), but whenever possible, the choice will be green!””

Have you noticed any particular change to the markets in which you operate?

Lets say there is no excess of money in the market, so nobody tries a new brand just because it’s there. Nowadays, the brand must have a solid back-story, strong philosophy and unique USP”.

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna

Regarding Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, Kirschner will be an exhibitor there, as it is at many other fairs. How is the role of trade fairs evolving? And what does the Bologna event represent for you?
This is a very important event for us as we have all our international sales professionals at Cosmoprof along with many of our largest manufacturers and customers,” says Harlan Kirschner. “These events afford us the opportunity to sit in face-to-face meetings and be creative, inventive and strategic in our planning. Trade shows are important for relationship building and networking along with finding new opportunities in the marketplace”.

Paolo Rezzara adds: ”We are excited to participate in Cosmoprof Bologna, where we will showcase some of our leading brands at a prominent booth in PAV 25, Booth A90/B91. We prioritize our presence at major beauty shows as they attract our target customers seeking new opportunities. In addition to Cosmoprof Bologna, we also exhibit at Cosmoprof in the USA in the summer, Cosmoprof in Hong Kong in November and occasionally at other events such as Beautyworld Dubai, Beauty Istanbul, and retail ECRM events”.

Andrea Rosa concludes: “The beauty industry is made of people, good people that follow their dream. They nurture, develop and distribute their brands in their countries. Trade fairs are the places where these people meet, share ideas, and projects as the industry grows. This is why it’s very easy to find me at at least the 15 most important fairs in the world every year and there’ll be a TKG rep in all 200 fairs around the globe”.

Bologna is by far the absolute number one!”