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The consolidation of KUNO, CHROMSTYLE, CHROMINI, T-CUT, and GENIO under one company marks a new era worth celebrating.

Wahl, a global leader in hair clipper and tools, has announced its merger with the renowned Moser brand. Moser has been part of the Wahl group since 1996. This union marks the beginning of a new era for Wahl, consolidating its leadership in electric cutting tools.
Supported by the claims “Together We’re Family” and “Make it with Wahl”, the historic American company launches a new communication campaign that celebrates the addition of Kuno, Chromstyle, Chromini, T-Cut, and Genio to its portfolio These brands offer the most requested clippers and trimmers for professional hair salons. These Moser instruments will now be marketed under the Wahl Professional brand, with technical and stylistic improvements to further elevate their quality. This strategy responds to market needs, focusing on flagship products to increase brand awareness and customers’ satisfaction.

The goal is to reach even more barbers and hairdressers all over the world with cutting-edge products that help improve the work experience of professionals in the sector. This move will intensify Wahls focus on the hairdressing industry, surpassing what was previously achieved with the Wahl Professional brand alone. In the present market where professional profiles are increasingly diversified, Wahl aims to break down the barriers between the traditional barber and the modern hairdresser, meeting the needs of those who use barbering techniques even in the classic salon.

The integration of the two brands will also significantly transform the production activities, implying restructuring processes to improve efficiency and guarantee quality.

The German headquarters in St. Georgen, guarantees further technological advancement in the production of blades, to maintain the quality of the heads that represents the strong point of the brand. “Made in Germany” will be continued confirming Wahl’s excellence in the barber sector.
Renovation and modernization are key aspects of this new phase that Wahl will experience in St. Georgen, while other production activities will be relocated to the United States and Asia.

Our experience has shown us that quality prevails over quantity, especially in a constantly evolving sector such as cutting tools,” says Gökhan Yilmaz, Area President of EMEA. We anticipated our merger to customers and industry experts, receiving extremely positive reactions both for the simplification of the product range and for the innovative and elegant design we are adopting. By combining the strengths and technologies of Wahl Professional and Moser under one great name, we are now able to present a modern and cutting-edge assortment of professional clippers and trimmers, capable of fully satisfying our users.”

This epochal transition will begin in the next few months, with one exception: the historic Clipper 1400, an emblem of barbering admired globally, will remain unchanged. Over the last 10 years, this clipper has sold over 50 million units in key markets such as the Middle East and Eastern Europe, confirming itself as a timeless icon. At the same time, Wahl Professional’s 5-Star line will maintain its integrity with its flagship products, although some new features are expected in the coming months.

The start of sales is scheduled for June for the Kuno, Chromstyle, T-Cut, and Chromini models, while sales of the Genio model will begin in September. All models will be available for purchase in showrooms approximately two weeks after launch.

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