After the postponement of the Cosmoprof Bologna to 2021, it runs from from 4 to 10 June to offer new chances of business to the industry.

This is a new experiment. We have to acknowledge that Cosmoprof Bologna Fiere has been the quickest to organise an online event to reach out to the market. We might have expected this promptness from the biggest actor of the Global Beauty Industry, but we could not take it for granted. What they are starting now is a new philosophy, a complete game changer, a revolution that will revolution the idea Trade Exhibition itself, for good.
Is it fully shaped yet? Absolutely not! This is a starting point from where Cosmoprof as well as other fairs will learn how to evolve in a new era.

What is it exactly?
“WeCosmoprof is the digital event for the global beauty community, a marketplace filled with networking and business opportunities, inspirational content and live demonstrations.”

From 4 to 10 June, exhibitors, buyers and beauty professionals will be able to interact, create business opportunities and discover the future trends in the beauty sector, thanks to a unique digital business matchmaking platform, the largest program of webinars for the beauty industry, and a livestreaming stage.

The digital activities have been planned to meet the needs and the habits of everyone in the industry. Let’s understand better the main areas.

Cosmoprof My Match
Designed to create concrete business opportunities, My Match allows to interact with a matching software powered by AI technologies, present brands and products on the digital directory, find potential partners and meet them in virtual rooms.
A practical help to connect supply and demand in the cosmetics industry. It employs an advanced algorithms and data analysis that enable companies and buyers to maximize their business, making it easier than ever to find new business partners.
Just browsing the digital directory, participants can find potential business partners and set up personal B2B agenda of digital meetings.
The Digital Directory of Cosmoprof MyMatch is a unique tool that will allow to scout a wide range of opportunities: more than 3,000 exhibitors, 7,400 products, and 2,900 brands.
It allows direct contact with potential business partners for online B2B meetings. All exhibitors can easily book a web-room to meet their partners, discuss projects and business opportunities.

Cosmotalks go digital,
“The Virtual Series” represent an online program of webinars by some of the sharpest minds of the beauty industry. They will share their wisdom, experience, and advice to reshape our industry with a long-term vision.
The unforeseen outbreak of COVID-19 is bringing great changes for the beauty sector, and it is happening faster than ever: new technological advancements, evolving geopolitical dynamics, developments in global and local markets, new generations of connected consumers, challenges created by new global e-brands platforms, new patterns of personal consummations and structural industry shifts.

What does the future of the industry look like?
We can get a foreseeable picture, sharing expert-driven insights and looking across the high-predictability and high-impact megatrends.
The Virtual Series offer 25 online sessions to get a new perspective, that will help you to get ready for what lies ahead. Editors, top thinkers, Fortune 500 leaders, policymakers, academics and outstanding entrepreneurs will be invited to make the event unforgettable.
All the webinars will be exclusively held in English.

Cosmo Virtual Stage
It will present training sessions, focused on new consumers habits and trends on efficient communication strategies, and the best opportunities for hospitality tourism, SPA, and wellness. Whereas, our companies’ webinars will promote products launches and the latest industry news.
Cosmo Virtual Stage is the place where leaders from the spa, beauty and make-up world will meet together to face this unforeseen global emergency, looking in a proactive way to the future.
The sessions will be focused on new consumer habits and make-up trend, communication strategies to give value to the brand, opportunities for SPA industry and hospitality tourism, prospects and developments in these sectors.

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