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Asia Pacific Region: Brands Perspectives on Recovery

At a time when companies are resuming both their domestic activities and one more looking towards international trade, we are posing some questions in...

Takara Belmont Thrives in the Face of a Global Crisis

While Japan re-organises its hair industry standards, many companies are now taking the initiative and teaming up with salon to help them overcome the...

Brand Strength and Courage Drives Post-Crisis Recovery

Based in Taiwan, Shaanhonq International Corporation is a company that has spread its influence across different continents and has been a guiding light in...

Taiwan: Coping with the Crisis While Keeping Your Scalp Cool!

The current crisis has affected different countries in different way. On our global tour of discovery of how each one is coping, we have...

Investment in Digital Marketing Pays – Even More During Lockdown!

ghd’s double-digit growth is related to their investment and commitment in digital strategy and e-commerce. During the months of the CoVid lockdown, ghd - the...

Singapore’s View on Market Recovery

On our tour of Professional cosmetics companies, today we’re hosting an important distributor from Singapore: Glamour Salon System. Dealing with many well-known international brands, Glamour...

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