Dedicated to business managers in the hair & beauty sector to meet and share strategic issues.

BS Congress returns in Deauville France, from June 11th – 12th 2023. In addition to individual meetings and networking, it will offer a rich programme of conferences as a way to discover and get inspired by experts from other sectors.
Thanks to its many rich and varied opportunities to take part in inspirational conferences, round tables and convivial meeting, the two-day event helps to forge decisive links between professionals who can support each other in the development of business projects.

Included in the conference programme are 3 speakers are highly anticipated for the value of the experience they can share with the audience:
Everything is possible” by Philippe Croizon.
An example of resilience, Philippe Croizon, the athlete who has suffered four amputations, continues to show that anything is possible and that despite adversity, whatever it may be, each of us can draw strength from within and achieve his goal. How to get out of your comfort zone, federate a team and lead it to collective success… Respond to new challenges by focusing on a crucial resource: the human being.

How to increase your rates thanks to ultra-customization” by Eve Briat.
Through moments of life, Eve Briat immerses us in a universe that allows everyone to understand her vision of her profession. Her conclusion is final, it is urgent to work differently. During this speech, he will give specific elements that will allow us to overcome the current economic crisis, increasing our turnover.

The world is digital, so are your customers” by Loris Hug.
Digital is becoming more and more important in our daily lives. It changes quickly and requires knowledge to be used well. In this conference, Loris Hug explores the importance of digital marketing and its new levers.