Estetica Export has interviewed Verónica Corrales, founder of CHIC&LOVE Wellness, a Spanish brand that boasts great R&D and offers both supplements for inner health and hair products for external beauty, offering effective treatment to hair and skin anomalies like hair loss and androgenetic alopecia.

How and when did the idea of CHIC&LOVE Wellness arise?
CHIC&LOVE Wellness was founded in 2021 as a response to a personal problem: I was diagnosed with androgenetic alopecia, and after trying all kinds of formulas and visiting different dermatologists and tricho-estheticians around Europe, I did not find an effective natural solution. That is when I decided to approach the #1 national laboratory in Europe, which is here in Madrid. They convinced me by their experience and know-how how to create my own brand based on formulas with natural active ingredients and a delicious flavour”.CHIC&LOVE Wellness

Why did you choose that name?
All our products are very CHIC and created with a lot of LOVE. In the years before the creation of CHIC&LOVE Wellness, I was a specialist in the Cool Huntersector: I looked for global trends and brought them back to Spain. Trends have always been my strong point!
We are the only nutricosmetics brand that truly came from a personal need, so we put a lot of love into everything we do. We don’t want to be the best seller, but we do want to be the most loved”.

Is this your first experience as an entrepreneur?
Not at all. I have been a businesswoman for more than 25 years, I have an entrepreneurial soul, which today continues to evolve through CHIC&LOVE Wellness”.

What are the biggest obstacles you have encountered along the way?
Starting a business is always a risk and requires work and dedication. We’d never had and really major problems as we have been gradually growing at a sensible pace. Luckily, I have an exceptional team and the No. 1 lab in Europe as my partner”.

CHIC&LOVE Wellness

What differentiates your products from other nutricosmetics or cosmetics brands?
CHIC&LOVE Wellness is the natural solution to live younger for longer, based on science and endorsed by the best industry professionals in the world. Although we are a brand designed by women for women, CHIC&LOVE Wellness is a universe in which the focus is on the health and well-being of everyone. We accompany, guide and offer solutions to real problems. Our main focus is to listen to the needs of our customers and make them feel good, achieving a more positive attitude in life, and bringing happiness. After all, achieving a global improvement in our body and feeling better on the inside, will be reflected also on the outside”.

So, your products are not only for women?
Well, we are an all-women company and we started focusing on female beauty problems. But later we found out that our products and our approach to inside–out health and beautyworks perfectly also for men. Our supplements can relieve stress, relax, and give positive sensations which are some of the main causes for hair loss. Everybody needs this kind of help nowadays”.

CHIC&LOVE Wellness

How is your sales network organized?
In Spain, we mostly sell through hair salons, but we are also present in 300 pharmacies inside the Corte Ingles department stores. In Spain, France, Portugal and Andorra, the salon distribution is operated by Provalliance, a large group of about 4500 salons.
For the rest of the world, we cooperate with the Kirschner Group a well-known network of hair & beauty manufacturers and distributors. We are already starting some distribution in South America and well soon open in the USA. Other contacts are also ongoing in Europe. We ask new distributors to operate in qualified channels like Hair Salons, Beauty Salons, Pharmacies, Beauty Chains or similar outlets. A lot is happening in this period, especially with new markets for our export”.

Do you sell online?
Yes of course. Online sales represent about 20% of our turnover. We sell mostly through our e-commerce and Amazon. Of course, we keep the same retail price that customers can find in other outlets”.

CHIC&LOVE Wellness

They are all retail products, right?
Yes, absolutely, but they are hair treatments that require some input from hair professionals, which is why we mainly target hair salons”.

What are the attractive features of your products?
The laboratory we partner with has developed some unbelievable formulas, especially for the gummies and vials supplements, a unique result unparalleled by competitors in terms of efficacy, quality of the natural ingredients used and even the taste, shape and colour are special! That puts us in an advantageous position because it makes it easy for our customers to enjoy our product and appreciate the results on their inner and external health and beauty.
On top of that we are the only company in the world that has a complete treatment to take care inside-out of hair and scalp anomalies”.

CHIC&LOVE Wellness

Next goals for the brand?
We are in constant evolution. We do not stop researching and improving our products. We have new launches such as our new Antiaging Vials, that actively acts against sagging, bringing back hydration and luminosity to the skin. This is thanks to a powerful composition based on collagen and elastin precursors. In addition, we are about to launch our Hair Care collection to take care of the hair from the outside, achieving 360º care combined with our gummies and vials, it includes a hair detox, a bloodstream activator and a serum that seals cuticles, a true wonder. and a revolution in hair care.
Then there’s the internationalization of the brand, which we have been working on for some time and is finally becoming a reality”.

Will you attend any trade fairs?
Yes, the next one will be Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna in March. Well be there with our own booth”.