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The Australian hair and beauty industry is able to stay one step ahead in spearheading research, thanks to its unmatched homegrown ingredients and its commitment to green and sustainable values.

The Australian hair and beauty industry is recognised for creating sustainable products. These have gained a reputation all over the world for being some of the best brands in hairdressing. Not only are they made sustainably, using environmentally friendly products and practices, but they also stand up to scrutiny when compared with any of the leading global brands in their field.

Homegrown ingredients are much sought-after in the hair & beauty markets and Australia has so many natural and organic resources to offer. Ingredients found naturally, down under are regarded as among the best available in the world, so it makes sense to utilise them. ‘Australian Made’ suggests good quality, genuine products manufactured to a very high standard and is seen as a mark of something trustworthy. This gives great confidence to industry professionals worldwide.

Artav Australia has been in production for over 65 years. It has a fine reputation to uphold and is continually striving to exceed all expectations and do justice to its proud ethos of ‘Australian Made and Owned’. This being the case, Artav Australia also helps support local communities, employing long-term team members and in turn, supporting the wider community and the Australian economy!

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