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The Challenges of Introducing a New Brand onto the US Market

“Originally from Ukraine, Vladlena Peschanska, President of V&M Success Solutions, came to the USA 10 years ago to start a new career. She has a Master’s degree in psychology and a broad range of experiences in political and business activities. In 2018, Vlada started her new enterprise in the hair & beauty sector by founding a company to distribute the Italian brand, Orising. The encounter with Orising was love at first sight and led to very successful distribution in the USA that has been steadily growing year on year. Her enthusiasm and commitment are driving forces in her heading up an energetic team that is really making an impact on the hair & beauty industry”.

Can you introduce your company?

“I am deeply passionate about my work and proudly identify as a committed entrepreneur. In 2018, my journey began when my partner and I co-founded our company. A few years later, I took full ownership by acquiring my partner’s shares. This transition marked a pivotal moment in the evolution of our business.
During my trips to Europe, I consistently heard glowing reviews about Orising and its impressive results. My personal hair journey, characterized by struggles with thin and dull hair, served as a powerful catalyst for change; therefore, I decided to try the products on myself.
Motivated by the transformative results I experienced within a mere three months using Orising products, I recognized an opportunity to bring this exceptional brand to the USA. This decision led me to initiate a partnership with Orising, a renowned and well-established brand in Europe.
Our company’s journey has been defined by dedication, resilience, and a commitment to offering high-quality solutions. As we continue to grow, our focus remains on providing innovative products that empower individuals to overcome hair-related challenges. We take pride in our achievements and look forward to further contributing to the beauty and well-being of our customers.”

Vladlena Peschanska, President of V&M Success Solutions

What are the main achievements of your enterprise?
“Navigating the challenges of introducing a new brand to the market, we successfully scaled the project with an anticipated +20% annual growth in the coming years. Orising products are available both online and offline, catering to both B2B and B2C markets throughout the US.”

How is your market doing?
“The US market is highly competitive, yet the influx of immigrants creates opportunities, particularly for well-known international brands.”

Why is your brand successful?
“Orising’s success is deeply entrenched in a robust philosophy that centers around the creation of sustainable, vegan products made from premium organic ingredients. Our brand transcends the conventional boundaries of a mere hair care product, advocating for a holistic lifestyle. At the core of our achievements is the unwavering support and camaraderie within the Italian Orising team, fostering an environment where creativity and innovation thrive.
Our commitment to quality is exemplified in the positive experiences of our customers. When they try Orising products, they are consistently enthralled by the transformative effects. The results speak for themselves – hair becomes bodies, voluminous, soft, and radiant. This genuine customer satisfaction has been instrumental in propelling our brand to success.”

What does a brand need to be successful in your country?
“Our focus on sustainability and organic products aligns with current market trends. To further expand, we actively seek wholesale buyers and collaborate with hair salons, spas, trichology clinics, and boutique hotels appreciating Italian products.”

How is your company organized?
“As the official US distributor of Orising, our products are crafted in Italy using premium ingredients. Our team manages the logistics, transporting goods from the Italian factory to our US warehouse. Distribution occurs through partners in various states, with our main office located in Alexandria, VA.”

What channels do you cover?
“We sell to professional salons and online; we also reach beauty clinics and spas covering either B2B or B2C distribution.”

Do you believe in trade exhibitions as a means to develop your business?
“We strongly believe in the value of trade exhibitions, providing invaluable opportunities for networking and fostering connections with buyers, sellers, manufacturers, and beauty professionals.”

How important are e-commerce and online activities for you?
“E-commerce is extremely important to Orising USA. The significance of e-commerce and online activities cannot be overstated, constituting 75% of our engagements—from meetings to sales and contract negotiations.”

How do words like sustainability, diversity, AI, and vegan impact your business vision?
“Our business vision is shaped by these upcoming trends. I always say growing a business is like raising a child; a business must adapt to evolving trends, beliefs, and the surrounding environment to stay ahead.”

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