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In 2023, Pettenon Cosmetics surpassed their turnover by reaching €174 Million. In 2024, the brand is being recognised for its commitment to responsible, ethical and sustainable business practices. For the future, it sees AI as a means to improve the group’s efficiency and quality.

Following the general trend of the hair & beauty when engaged in export operations, the Pettenon Group’s satisfying results are also due to its presence in 118 countries, with 68% of its €174 Million turnover in 2023 coming from international trade.

Headed up Gianni and Federico Pegorin, Pettenon Cosmetics has been growing for six consecutive years reaching unprecedented levels either in the traditional hair professional sector or in skincare. Today, the group can count on three manufacturing sites that can produce some 90 million pieces per year. The new CEO, Luigi Ambrosini, joined the company 6 months ago intending to contribute to the further development of the group. Regarding internationalisation, Ambrosini’s plan envisages the opening of new plants that will allow the production of ‘Made in Italy recipes’ locally for the most distant strategic countries, thus shortening the supply chain and lightening the environmental impact of shipments – another way to perpetrate the commitment to sustainability that has distinguished the company for many years.

The Pettenon Group commercialise some of the best-known brands in the hair professional business like Fanola, Alter Ego Italy, Inebrya, Echosline, Nevitaly, Sens.ùs and Sinesia and they are present in the mass market distribution with the brand Alama Professional.
Behind the success of the company is the commitment to sustainable principles in manufacturing and a natural approach. They have been implementing a responsible and sustainable business that has been recognised by the achievement of the “Supporting Member” Open Badge from CUOA 2024, an acknowledgement that honours entrepreneurial entities actively committed to fostering a culture of responsible, ethical, and sustainable business, with particular attention to the well-being of individuals, communities, and territories.
The CUOA Foundation (University Center for Business Organization) is a leading institution in the field of managerial education, dedicated to fostering entrepreneurial and managerial culture.
Receiving this recognition demonstrates the commitment to promoting quality education and a culture of sound, ethical, and sustainable business practices.

Furthermore, Pettenon’s commitment to modernisation and research into ways to improve quality of life, means it’s also reaching out to Artificial Intelligence, where it helps the company to find innovation, while contributing to improvements in production, logistics and sales.
Today, AI applied to the large amount of data in our possession allows us to analyse them and generate what I define as ‘intelligent insights”, says Luigi Ambrosini. “It allows us to position the company in a more precise and personalized way when dealing with our own customers and consequently develop specific solutions that can differentiate us and create value”.

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